practice_heart (practice_heart) wrote,

"we're gonna try and work things out." Ooookay.



I went over Ashley's friday night.. it was good times. Ryan Bennett and John Z. called me up at like 1:30 totally wasted.. funniest conversation ever.. it was awesome.

Saturday morning Claire and I went to the open casting call thing.. Long story short, I got called back, out of 30 people I was this guys top pick.. the guy's name was Ross.. he was the guy in the voltzwagon(sp) commercial who licked the handle of the car so nobody else would take it. He's soo damn hott I love it. Anyway, I went in for a second interview today and he said he wanted me for a class and stuff.. I'm pretty excited, but extremely nervous..ahh..

I went to the movies with my mom tonight. We saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith.. best movie ever.

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